Crystin Morgan is a writer and journalist who lives in the wonderful city of Brighton on the south coast of England, with her husband, two dogs and cat. When not at her keyboard (either writing or online shopping), you're most likely to find her on the beach.

Originally from a beautiful valley in South Wales, Crystin trained as a musician in her teens and early 20s. But her impossibly low boredom threshold led to a string of short-lived careers, including session musician, theatre manager, computer hardware engineer, silversmith, nightclub co-promoter and door whore (not necessarily in that order), before finally discovering a passion for writing.

Devoted to plain English and a lifelong study of the correct use of apostrophes, Crystin has been a working journalist for many years and has been published in a number of the UK’s most popular national magazines and newspapers.

These days she also writes for several websites, including The Huffington Post. Her LiBREttO series of short stories represents her first steps in fiction writing.

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